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we preach

anxiety-free, collaborative consultations, 
pristine blondes,
and confidence-affirming extensions

premium, protective
bleach, gloss, and colour

Our tbh unhealthy obsession with the industry means we keep the newest advances in hair repair technology in the backbar.

We care for your hair with premium, bond-protective bleach, K18 polypeptide repair treatment, Olaplex, and Kevin Murphy hydrating rituals.

ethically-sourced luxury

Extensions are an investment in yourself, and we need you to feel good about them.

We exclusively retail ethically-sourced, luxury human hair extensions from female-owned businesses.

consultation + journey

We know that hair appointments can come with a backstory of anxiety, fear, and feeling like you don't have agency over your outcome.

It is our mission to create a worry-free, exciting experience that you look forward to every month. No shame, no sticker shock, no surprise bob cuts.



Em + Jordi

Between our specialty niches of glowing waist-length platinum (Em) + shimmery brondes and flawlessly natural extensions (Jordi), humbly, we are thee mecca of hot girl hair in Toronto.

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