Hello my new bleach baby! My name is Em and I specialize in platinum blonding for clients all over Canada.

I’ve been a platinum specialist for the last three years of my career and have been lucky enough to be mentored by industry leaders in extreme blonding. By focusing on my niche, I have been able to craft my own technique and bring my clients to their whitest shade of blonde while keeping their hair integrity and bespoke style at the forefront.

I create a clear plan with all of my blondes, both in my chair and for your overall routine, so we both know what to expect throughout the process. We balance the importance of investing in quality services and of a realistic commitment for you, so there is no anxiety or unanswered questions surrounding your initial transformation, maintenance, or home care.

When I’m not in the salon, I’ll be supporting the local music scene at a show or binge watching Real Housewives (just name any city and I’ll gossip about their extensions). I love the back-end CEO side of owning Bleach Temple and adore being able to talk to you all about your different industries and careers.

Click here to see what services I offer or here to book an appointment. Even if I can't fit you into my schedule just yet, I’m happy to answer any questions you have at em@bleachtemple.com.